What We Have?

Task UK offers a unique hybrid outsourcing solution which gives our clients full control over the way they run their operations while leveraging the assets, resources and expertise of a strong local partner. This is how we work.

Customer Service

At Task UK, customer service is at the heart of what we strive to perfect. We want to ensure that you have the best experience with us that is entirely built around you & your requirements. We aim to be professional, accommodating and can adapt ourselves to any and every business.

Text Messaging services

We understand how busy a business can be and the volume of important calls and texts you can receive. That's why any messages you miss will be captured and sent through to you via email or text message; their name, their company and how or when to contact them.

Mobile Answering Services

Task UK are on hand to answer any missed calls to your business. You can assign any contacts as a VIP who will be contacted by a Task UK PA in the event you miss a call from one of them, whilst friends and family calls will go straight to voicemail.

Virtual personal assistant

You will be supplied with a dedicated personal assistant that you can trust to look after your business calls as if they were based in your office. They are professional, friendly and are trained to expertly communicate according to your business.

Admin Support

Not only do Task UK look after the front line of your business, but also at the background jobs such as Admin. These might not be considered as crucial as the front-facing customer service we provide, but are necessary for the successful running of your company.

Experienced Support Experts

We manage experienced support experts to help maintain the clients focus on scaling & expanding its business. No matter the channel, our expert team will supply you with the flying carpet to avoid the daunting & stressful back office work.

The team at Task UK are constantly learning & growing themselves to transfer their skills across different business platforms. The diversity is not a problem, in fact, it creates a new challenge for the teams to learn and apply knowledge from past successful experiences onto your own.

Why Choose Task UK

Administrative roles tend to be performed by entry/lower level employees, and there are typically challenges in hiring, training & managing staff to perform these functions. What makes this worse is that, once you do get your staff together, turnover tends to be higher thus you have to repeat this process. With Task UK you can push much more of that pain onto us allowing your management to focus more time, resources and productivity into your business.

Task UK maintains staff levels so you don't have to! Enabling you to ramp up as demand increases and decreases the amount of outsourced work when demand lessens. Partnering with us allows you to avoid the expense of having excess staff on board, adding to cost savings, while at the same time giving you the ability to quickly flex your capacity.

Office support?

Task UK offers content research, creation and moderation, fraud protection, application verification (documentation, people and profiles) claims processing and mediation.

We love to hear new challenges that we will never turn down, so if we have not mentioned your needs, give us a call today and we will gladly take on the challenge!

Customer experience?

Task UK provides our clients with customer support, inbound and outbound sales support,
tech support & billing support.

Our Loving Partners

With over 15 companies on board, averaging a combined 150 years of work over 10 years with each business, It's safe to say that Task UK are the driving force behind our partner businesses that reinvents and embraces cutting edge technology along with the willingness to accept our challenging yet rewarding ideas for running the back office operations of the business.

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